10 Year Anniversary for 2 CASA Volunteers

Written by: Tonya Ruble-Richter Posted on: February 9, 2016 Blog: News

Chris terri

Chris Prime and Terri Deeg are our most veteran CASA volunteers. This year marks their 10th anniversary with Voices for Children! Our intern, Jenna, sat down with Chris and Terri to delve into their experiences as Court Appointed Special Advocates including what led them to volunteer as well as what they enjoy most about it.

Chris is married and has two children. She grew up in Hanover and has lived here her entire life, so this community is important to her. Chris was inspired to become a CASA when she was working as paralegal and saw the various struggles people face. Her favorite part of being a CASA is the bond between the CASA and the child. She feels it is a very special role to be in the child’s corner. In her free time, Chris enjoys playing tennis in Louisville.

Terri is married and has seven children and nine grandchildren. She has lived in this area for thirty-two years. Terri became a CASA because she saw an ad in the newspaper and was motivated to volunteer due to her own experiences raising her three grandchildren. Her favorite part of being a CASA is knowing she is making a difference in the life of a child. She enjoys listening to music (especially the Beatles), watching movies, reading, and gardening in the spring.