Record number of children served by Voices!

Written by: Tonya Ruble-Richter Posted on: February 24, 2020 Blog: News

Our volunteers

Voices is proud to announce our record number of children served in 2019! We served 400 children in 2019. Prior to this, our highest number of children served was 2018 when we served 280 children. To give you an idea of what that increase consists of, we served a total of 82 children in 2012. This past year was the first year, since the increase of CHINS cases in our state began about 6 years ago, that we have been able to serve every child on our waitlist. This was monumental for us and largely attributed to the support of our legislators and Supreme Court in Indiana, as well as our large federal grant from the Victims of Crime Act. These funds allowed us to hire more staff who could support more volunteers, and most importantly -- serve more children. We hope to continue to pace in 2020!