Thankful for our village

Written by: Tonya Ruble-Richter Posted on: November 30, 2017 Blog: News

Dr suess

We are so thankful for the continued increase, year after year, in the number of people who join our team to stand up for these children! We absolutely have the best team of caring people on this planet. Confidentiality often keeps us from posting examples of the successes we see for these kids - sometimes small and sometimes very, very large successes!! Our team of nearly 60 volunteers are effecting changes in so many ways - and all because they have the heart. Our staff is encouraged daily by the interactions we have with this team. We know that we often can't undo what these kids go through. But we can be there for them while they're going through it. And we can show them a different way. We can show them that they're worthy. That someone cares about them. And that we hear them.

We are thankful to be a part of their lives and to provide a voice for these kiddos. All some children want for Christmas is to be heard.

Thanks so very much to all of our volunteers, board members, and well as the other providers we work with on a daily basis for these kids. It absolutely takes a village.

Happy holidays to everyone in our village!